Saturday, April 18, 2009

Where the Eagles Roam

Dad has been tellling me about seeing an eagle's nest down on the lake. He said he had been seeing an eagle close by too. I told him that sometime when we could get together, I wanted to go out on the lake with him and try to get some pictures. Today was the day! He called, I got the cameras and headed to the lake! We went up the lake about a mile and stopped to look at the nest. We couldn't see it good enough to get a picture, but I could see the eagle moving. We had been there maybe two minutes and in flies another eagle. It flies right over us so I start snapping pictures. It lands in a tree nearby and then we hear the two eagles start "talking" to each other. We sat and watched them. The one that was on the nest leaves and the other one flies in and lands next to the nest. It landed a couple branches over from the nest and I was able to get a good picture. I had never saw an eagle "up close and personal" like that before, so this was an awesome experience for me! Take a look at this beautiful bird!


parker's granny said...

These pictures are awesome. I want to go see it too!

steph said...

Cool pics AK. JB may need to start an eagle viewing guiding service to go along with fishing!

Misty said...

Very cool!!! One question...did you splash your dad while on this adventure? =)