Monday, February 2, 2009

Brought to you by the letter "W"

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Thanks goes to Keyton! I have the letter "W". It was a little tough, but here goes!

10 Things I LOVE that begin with the letter "W"

1. WAYNE- Well, this is my husband, so of course I LOVE him!
2. Wal-mart- I love to go shop at Wal-mart, especially the clearance aisle. =]
3. Watermelon- I love to eat watermelon. It is so refreshing to me. Yum Yum!!:9
4. Water- There's nothing like a nice cold bottle of water on a good hot day!
5. Weekends- That's my favorite time of the week. I usually have 3 day weekends...It's GREAT!!
6. Wrapping Gifts- This is something I used to do at Christmas when I worked at Peebles. I love it, but they had to be perfect. I still enjoy wrapping gifts and making pretty bows to put on them.
7. Word Search- I love doing word search puzzles. I like to take a word search book on all trips, even camping trips!
8. Winter- This is probably my favorite time of the year! I love snow! and the cold weather! BRR!
9. Waterfalls- I love waterfalls because they are so calming!
10. Winning- Everyone loves to be a winner. I especially love winning if it is against Wayne.


wayne said...

I have to let you win one every once in a while. I still LOVE YA!!! LOL

Misty said...

Great list! Glad you played along!

parker's granny said...

Except for Wayne--W was a hard letter and you did a wonderful job!

steph said...

I forgot that you worked at Peebles!!