Friday, January 23, 2009

Take Time to YOURSELF!

Isn't it funny how we do things, then look back and it is so funny?

This morning, I went to the eye doctor and I got contacts. (had them before, but went back to glasses) When I got home I was online checking email and stuff, I caught myself trying to push my glasses up! :o)

Also, while on the computer, keep in mind it is a laptop, I had my cell phone right beside the computer. I put my had on the cell phone and started moving it like it was the mouse to my computer. NOTHING HAPPENED! I just looked at the computer like something was wrong and started to panic......oh no, my computer is not working right! Then, I realized what I was doing! Well, at least nobody SAW me do this!

See, it's the simple life with the Clayborns, that make me laugh!


Misty said...

Funny...But we all do that! One time my daddy asked me to help him find his glasses...they were on his face! I love simple life!

Parker's Pa said...

Maybeee -- You are losing it. Ha!!
Come over to our house and we will give you something--the old "stomach virus" and then you don't know whether you are coming or going.
Parker had it--then Tracie--then Joey--then I had it--now Delilah has it--I think Stepanie will be next. I hope Carol don't get it, because then Abby will get it.

Kara said...

So funny! I am very glad to know I'm not the only person who does things like that. I'm bad to put the cordless phone in the fridge, and I have no idea why!?!

Misty said...

Ok, first of all, now I am laughing because I have a picture in my head of Kara putting her phone in the fridge! Too funny! Now...Keyton has carefully assigned you the letter...W! I think it is so funny the letters he picks because I do not tell him who they are for but he does a great job picking the right letters for the right people! HAHA...wonder what will be one of yours?!?!